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Building our Culture with a Crew of Innovators


Here at Highline Steel Systems we are always seeking new and sensational talent to join the team. Our needs and availabilities are ever-changing and span our divisions from office support staff to field operations to service and support staff. Our model applicants should be self-motivated, detail-oriented, reliable and seeking to discover an environment where they can develop and flourish in their role. Learn more further down, on our openings, and how to get your information to us for consideration.


At Highline, we are certain that our personnel is our most prized asset and they are the thing that drives our culture onward. Our objective is to work with our team to form an atmosphere where they love coming to their jobs every day and we drive each other to do the best type of work, both within the company and for our clientele. When considering prospective candidates we value notions of a strong team spirit as well as a preparedness to work in partnership to move forward with a sense of cooperative thinking and dialogue. This sort of teamwork is integral to both Highline’s history as well as its strategies for the future.



One of the distinctive aspects of the Highline lineup is the huge assortment of experiences and know-how that have come together. We have individuals with training's ranging from the more old-fashioned construction industries to newer advanced technology sectors. This grouping of capabilities permits us to view problems and challenges from every angle and with different perceptions. We welcome applications and attention from everyone and cheer on potential employees to search for ways their former paths can aid us in opening new doors here at Highline.

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