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Centering on Worker Wellness and Advancement


Culture has grown into a catchphrase recently in many company boardrooms, here at Highline it’s something that has been budding and growing for our firm since our conception. Our traditions and principles have come together to create the vital culture of our team. What is now a promotional tagline, has constantly existed here at Highline. Our distinctive fusion of modernization and history have permitted us to curate a mixture of personnel bridging decades and continuums of specialized experience.

We not only rely on our team to add importance but we have fashioned an atmosphere where we are accountable to add significance to their lives as well. Highline emphasizes a great focus on worker wellness and our community programs. We trust that as our means continue to develop so does our obligation to make a positive impact on those inside our offices, in our personal communities and in the broader domestic and global areas we service. We value our firm’s way of life we have generated and look onward to seeing how it endures and expands in the future.


Whereas the work we see to is rewarding in and of itself, we hunger to stretch outside the buildings we construct in giving back to the public spaces we work within. The tough, excellent effort that our workforces put in permits us to invest in programs and sponsorships that advantage youth, support ending hunger and shape improved, more vibrant communities. We continue to construct a philosophy of service to others via volunteer work done together, contributing the usage of our equipment and expertise and by developing important partnerships with non-profit groups, making an impact where we work and where we live. Beyond just erecting the hospitals, places of work and arenas of tomorrow, we take pride in striving to construct an improved world. See some of the causes we support


Highline started as a small crew and has grown-up to contain a family of crane-operators to ironworkers to project managers and more, it's a workforce that facilitates every facet of our field & office activities. We are still a family business, and one that has toiled hard to preserve an atmosphere of caring for our most valued asset, our employees. We are always willing to do anything that it takes to keep our teams occupied through sluggish times, which has gotten us numerous faithful workers over the years, including many who have been a part of our organization since day one.



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