Experience in Finding the Solution you Need


With a focus on products and services throughout the steel construction industry, our company has experienced continual growth. In the early years Highline's supply and erection divisions began to expand as the business acquired the latest technologies and equipment to support the construction sector and our other partners.


Since our beginnings, all Highline divisions have seen incredible growth with the addition of seasoned staffers and our relationship with manufacturers.


The leaders of Highline Steel Systems started this company after serving some of the largest companies in the industry for many years. Our company has been entirely family owned and operated ever since and we are proud to have a “tight-knit” culture with a workforce who has been a part of our family for many years.

Spanning several generations of leadership, Highline has decades of combined experience in the industry united with a progressive dream for the future… Our business strives to be a true partner with each-and-every customer, becoming a reliable means for accomplishment in all of your complicated and challenging projects. Our duty is to provide safe, reasonable and expert solutions to difficult and demanding steel fabrication and erection projects.


For many years now, Highline Steel Systems has been providing superior craftsmanship, completing state-of-the-art jobs and satisfying the most demanding of timetables. Throughout every transformation in the industry, Highline and its key executives have been at the forefront and we strive to remain leaders today. As our industry has transformed we have changed with it incorporating multiple new technologies and cloud-based solutions into our methods forming a more proficient communication structure for our clients and personnel. Highline serves every client and venture with a spirit-of-partnership as we strive to be part of your project’s accomplishment. Our objective is to form long-term relationships built-on confidence, honor, and trust.