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Updated: May 12, 2018

The single most critical portion of your steel building job is contracting an expert erector. Most complications that happen with steel buildings are a consequence of the building not being erected properly. An expert erector will ensure the entire project is “on-track” all the way through its completion.

A skilled erector, who’s existed in the metal building industry for lots of years, has faced most of the challenges that can happen during the erection procedure. Somebody with a lesser amount of know-how might run into difficulties that will probably delay the job for days, weeks, or even months, costing you time, money and legal headaches.

For the reason that not all steel buildings are set together the same way, your erection contractor needs to have expertise with a diversity of steel building structures and methods. This familiarity will guarantee that your building is erected properly, is weather-tight, safe, sturdy and structurally sound.

It’s not worth contracting an unproven constructor just to save on erection fees. It will in fact cost you more money to fix the problems or overcome the delays related with their original construction. In most circumstances, a skilled erector can offer you advice that will save you money while adding longstanding value to your steel building projects.


Highline Steel Systems always recommends doing your research on any potential steel supplier or erection company. After all, you will undoubtedly be using this structure for numerous years, and it’s worth taking the time to ensure you are getting a truly qualified builder. Even if your metal building supplier mentions an erector, it’s in your best interest to ensure they have the familiarity and capability required to achieve optimum results.


An erector can claim to have erected multiple steel buildings, but it’s paramount to not just take their word for it. Instead, ask for references, and speak with their former clients to get a clearer image of what your own experience may be like.


Many states, counties and municipalities require a contractor or erector be licensed and authorized to build in your area. Be certain to check with your local building division to get requirements for proper licensing when you’re checking the building codes required for your job.

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